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Tell them that after you’ve finished you want them to make a note of key words or phrases from the story. 2014-09-03 · A dictogloss is a classroom activity that incorporates listening, writing, speaking, and reading skills. Students listen to a piece of text a few times and take notes. Then, they get in groups and try to reconstruct the text in their own words. Dictogloss works really well in mixed ability classes. It integrates the four domains of language learning (speaking, listening, reading/viewing and writing), and is a very effective language learning tool as it requires learners to listen, talk, collaborate, take notes, redraft and present orally.

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& skola+företag. Dictogloss med iPad på SFI. Förslag på arbetssätt där iPads & dictogloss. 1. Läraren väljer ut en text och läser högt ett par gånger i helklass.

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There are many key skills used in this type of lesson; listening, note-taking, communication with other students, grammar and vocabulary development. 2012-09-14 Dictogloss can be considered as way for integrating form and meaning in the learning context.


It was originally introduced by Ruth Wajnryb (1990) as an alternative method of teaching grammar. The original dictogloss procedure consists of four basic steps: a. Dictogloss ESL Activity Guidelines: At the beginning of class, have a brief discussion about the text topic to activate schemata. You should also pre-teach any difficult vocabulary. Divide the class into small groups and hand out the writing paper. Next, explain to the class that they are to listen and take notes while you read the text.
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Dictogloss for EAL/D students. You are currently: Home ; Tools & resources ; Resource (collection item page) > The teacher guides the class to develop their English language proficiency through a Dictogloss activity that involves listening, talking together, writing and reading back.

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Change your default dictionary to … In dictogloss, students listen and take notes as the teacher dictates and then collaborate on refining the text based on their notes. When engaged in dictogloss student are listening, taking notes and then speaking together about the vocabulary and the structure of the sentences. Dictogloss is different with the traditional dictation in which the teacher. Pertiwi, Arifah reads the text slowly and repeatedly and asks students to write exactly what the teachers read without doing any thinking. In Dictogloss, there is a gap between listening and writing phases.